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The Pomin family Legacy - randy pomin-founder of tahoe hot tubs

The Pomin family legacy is woven into the fabric of Lake Tahoe’s history. The Pomins became one of Lake Tahoe’s founding families in 1862 when Captain Ernest John Pomin (Randy's great grandfather) became the first and longest-running captain of the Steamer Tahoe—the largest steamship to ever sail across the lake. Captain Pomin was at the helm of the Steamer almost daily from the launch date in 1890 until his retirement in 1917.

Later, Ernie Pomin (Randy’s grandfather) worked as chief machinist for the Lake Tahoe Railway & Transportation Co., a narrow gauge railroad running between Tahoe City and Truckee. He would manually rebuild steam engines during the winter season in the roundhouse at the end of the tracks. Ernie’s son Robert (Randy’s father) continued the legacy of the Pomins family of skilled laborers and built piers and docks along the shores of Lake Tahoe for 35 years, from 1950 to 1985. During this time he started a family with Violet Pomin (Randy's mother) who was a second-generation Tahoe City resident. Her father, Arthur Daniel Brodehl, was the skipper of the Marian B, the Tahoe mail boat from 1934 until 1941.

Taking Pomin's into the Future

Derived from the stock of this successful family, Randy Pomin built a strong professional foundation of his own. Randy graduated from San Francisco State University with a B.A. in Physical Science and Chemistry in 1966. then also received his California secondary teaching credential in 1967. Randy then obtained an M.A. in Physical Science in 1975 and taught high school science for 10 years. His achievements aside, Randy and his father shared a true passion for building wood hot tubs. He opened Pomin Hot Tubs in June of 1977. Thirty-nine years later, Tahoe Hot Tubs is still thriving and continues to build his family’s legacy. Randy, his wife Pammie, daughter Jill and son JD continue this legacy.