hot tub

Let’s be honest, even if there weren’t any health benefits associated with relaxing in a hot tub, a few minutes in that 100-degree water is sure to make you forget all about it. Fortunately, there are more than a few good reasons for getting your soak on, so the next time you hit the Tahoe Rim Trail and feel like ending the day with some water jets and an adult beverage, why, you go right ahead.


There’s nothing like the crippling pain that arrives in the days following a great workout. You set a new personal record, and now you can’t tie your shoes, let alone put on a bathing suit and hop in the Jacuzzi. If you can find it in yourself to get there, though, you’ll find the benefits of your hot tub on muscle pain are well worth the hobbling it took to get there. According to the Mayo Clinic, the heat from your tub can serve as a muscle relaxer, and helps loosen up those stiff legs.


If you struggle with poor blood circulation, then spending some time in the hot tub might be a great idea. When you hop in, the hot water dilates your blood vessels, making blood flow with ease, clear out to your fingers and toes. And, according to, the improved circulation and full-limb support that warm water provides can help relieve painful arthritis symptoms and increase mobility.


You’re a super-athlete, we get it. But all those rounds of golf and rock jumping up at Tahoe have left your spine begging for a break. Another benefit of taking some time to soak in the Jacuzzi is the relief it offers for your back. The people over at say that the reduced gravity you experience when you jump in the hot tub gives your spine the breather it’s been looking for.

The next time you take a break from drilling aces over the tennis net—take that tennis ball in the spa with you, and pin it between your lower back and the side of the tub. By massaging a tennis ball across those tight muscles around your spine while you’re soaking, you can get improved mobility and pain relief after about 20 minutes that lasts well after the pruned fingers fade away.